Spirit of the Game is the philosophy at the heart of FIDA football and is a defining characteristic of our competition. FIDA relies upon a spirit of sporting endeavour which places the responsibility for fair play not just on the players but also on the coaches and management of all FIDA clubs. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors at all levels. FIDA requires that each game be played within both the written rules of our handbook and the AFL Laws of the Game. FIDA also requires that clubs play in the Spirit of the Game as well as playing the game. This will allow everyone the basic joy of playing and watching a great FIDA game.

The Spirit of the Game involves showing RESPECT for:

  • Your opponents and their team officials
  • Your own captain and team
  • The role of the umpires
  • Supporters and spectators OF ALL AGES
  • The Game’s traditional values

Captains and Managers are always responsible for ensuring that their players conduct themselves within the Spirit of the Game as well as within the Laws of the Game.