FIDA thanks and congratulates the following people whose contribution to the program has been acknowledged by Life Membership

2003   Peter Ryan

2004   Les Sutherland   Frank Sullivan

2005   Brett Connell   Mark Gibson

2006   Kenny Hallett   Paul Newman

2007   Poppie Hatzi   John Candusso

2008   Rob Klemm   Les Miles

2009   Marg Reing

2010   Bill Garland   Margherita Iafrati

2011   Kevin Clarke   Peter & Julianne Keily

2012   Chris Ryan   John Haller

2013   Peter Fisher   Andrew Sharp

2014   Anne Russell   Maureen Murphy

2015   Sandy Curtis   Gavin & Sue Ross

2016   Paul Barrett   Tim Sutcliffe   Col Newcombe

2017   Sue Soles   Daryl Gard

2018    –

2019   Cheryl Collins   Paul House

2020   Peter Willoughby  Suellen Betts